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Hot Springs National Park

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Hot Springs National Park is located in central Arkansas, United States. The park covers an area of 8.68 square miles (22.5 sq km) making it the second-smallest US national park right ahead of Gateway Arch National Park.

Hot Springs Mountain is part of the Ouachita Mountain range which spans from southeastern Oklahoma into western Arkansas. The hot springs flow from the western side of the mountain.

These hot springs have been leveraged for therapeutic baths by the community and travelers from around the world for over 200 years.  There are a series of buildings serving as bathhouses that align with the back of the mountain accessing these springs.

These buildings that house the health-oriented baths have been incorporated inside the boundaries of the national park.  Because parts of the city are included inside the national park, it means that Hot Springs National Park is one of the most accessible parks in the country.

The row of buildings housing hot springs bathhouses is affectionately known as Bathhouse Row, and they are collectively recognized as a National Historic Landmark as well.

The park was expanded beyond the originally protected bathhouse and hot springs area to include Hot Springs Mountain, North Mountain, West Mountain, and Sugarloaf Mountain.  Sugarloaf Mountain has no correlation with the renowned Sugarloaf Mountain at the base of Corcovado.


The hot springs are the pinnacle attraction of the park and the feature that draws visitors from around the world.

Hot Springs

The hot springs are sourced from the west side of Hot Springs Mountain.  The springs of the mountain deliver over 500,000 gallons of hot water every day.

This fresh naturally steamed hot water is used to supply the bathhouses with their hot water for the therapeutic baths.  These baths have drawn visitors from around the world throughout the years.

The hot springs baths do come with an extra fee separate from any park entrance fee.  This money is used to support the US National Park Service.

Hot Springs Mountain Tower

Hot Springs Mountain Tower is an enclosed observation deck that is located atop of Hot Springs Mountain.  The tower is a steel constructed observation area that reaches a height of 216 feet (65.8 m).

The tower provides visitors with a 360o panoramic view of the mountains, national park, and Hot Springs area.  It is like getting a grounded aerial view of the area.

Bath House

Take advantage of both nature and history and enjoy one of the bath houses.  This is an excellent opportunty to just relax and unwind.

Hot Springs National Park Trails

Hot Springs National Park is renowned for the hot springs in the area, however, there is more nature there to explore which is accessible with several hiking trails ranging from easy to difficult adventures.

Hot Springs Highlights

  • Hot Baths
  • Hot Springs Mountain Tower

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