Yellowstone Renames Mountain with Historically Offensive Name

Historical review of Native American massacre leads to Yellowstone National Park renaming one of its iconic mountains. Read More

Publish Date: June 11, 2022

Canada Physician's Prescribe National Parks to Patients

Physicians can now prescribe the national parks of Canada as part of the healthcare treatment of patients who can directly benefit from being outdoors, active, and in nature. Read More

Publish Date: February 24, 2022

Yellowstone is 150 Years old: Birth of the National Park System

Yellowstone National Park and the global national park system are turning 150 years old on March 1st celebrating the success of the world's efforts to protect our natural resources. Read More

Publish Date: January 20, 2022

Yellowstone Wolves Killed by Hunters Reduces Population

20 Yellowstone National Park wolves were killed by hunters reducing the population to under 100 individuals. Read More

Publish Date: January 12, 2022

Lowland Gorilla Birth in Virunga

A lowland gorilla birth was recorded in Virunga National Park of the DR Congo increasing the population to seven. Read More

Publish Date: January 10, 2022

Rock Art Vandalized in Big Bend

Rock art that was thousands of years old was vandalized by vacationers over the Christmas holidays leaving Big Ben National Park authorities bewildered. Read More

Publish Date: January 4, 2022

Yosemite's Firefall Shining Brightly in February

The rain in northern California and good snows have set the stage for Yosemite's Firefall to shine brightly during the middle of February. Read More

Publish Date: January 1, 1970

See For Free: The US NPS Delivers 5 Entrance Free Days

The US National Park Service is delivering 5 days throughout the 2022 year where entrance into any of the national parks will be for free. Read More

Publish Date: January 7, 2022