About the Global Alliance of National Parks


The GANP mission is to inspire and develop conservation and protection of the world’s natural resources found within national parks through education, promotion, and global community awareness.

Globally Connecting for Globally Protecting


We envision a world unified together in the recognition, celebration, and protection of the world’s national parks which showcase and protect the splendor and beauty of our world’s natural resources.


We believe that as people discover and learn more about the national parks of the world and the value these natural resources represent to the global community people will be more inclined to take action to protect them.

We believe that national parks should be visited and explored helping people discover their significance. Through these experiences and educational efforts, we believe the global community will become more responsible for protection and conservation efforts.



Promotion and Awareness

National Park Membership

National Park Membership and receipt of the majority of benefits are complementary to official national park organizations. The intent of membership is to establish a collaborative relationship to promote each national park and the natural resources they protect.

National Park FAQs

Q: What if a national park is not listed?

A: National park inclusion is free for any official national park organization. If you are a representative of a national park, please feel free to contact us through the contact page noted here: Contact Us

Q: How much is national park membership?

A: National Park membership is free. If you are a national park representative or government representative (i.e Ministry of Tourism) and you would like to see your national park(s) included, please use the Contact Us form to make the request.

Q: Who may join the Global Alliance of National Parks?

A: There are two types of members within the Alliance. The first is the official national parks located around the world. The only requirement is that the protected area be a national park and not a conservation area, national reserve, or similar. The second type is the support organizations that help people engage and experience an individual national park.

If you are a national park organization or an organization that helps people engage the national parks and you would like to become part of the alliance, please contact us through the Contact Us form and make your inquiry.

Q: Who may submit images?

A: Images may be submitted by any national park enthusiast. The objective of GANP galleries is to display the photographs that communicate the essence and highlights of each national park. Submission does not guarantee to share on the site, but if it is a good image, the probabilities are there. We do not accept images that are promotional of a business or service. You are welcome to submit multiple images.

Q: Who may contribute to a national park’s information page?

A: An official national park representative and the participating national park have editorial rights for education displayed on a national park article. Secondary national park authorities may request editorial privileges to support the mission of GANP. Please contact us through the Contact Us form to request privileges.