National Parks in United Kingdom

The GANP is here to help you discover, explore, and learn more about the national parks in United Kingdom and why we need to protect them.

New Forest National Park

New Forest National Park has the largest contiguous tract of natural pasture, heath, and forest in southern England.

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Cairngorms National Park

Cairngorms National Park in Scotland is home to the only population of reindeer throughout the entire United Kingdom.

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Exmoor National Park

Exmoor National Park in England features a Heritage Coast shoreline that displays some of the most stunning facets of nature.

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Lake District National Park

Lake District National Park in England is home to the longest lake, tallest mountain, and deepest lake in the country.

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Peak District National Park

Peak District is the first national park established within the United Kingdom protecting amazing landscapes.

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Yorkshire Dales National Park

Yorkshire Dales National Park in England is argued as one of the country's most scenic natural attractions.

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