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Lowland Gorilla Birth in Virunga

Publish Date: January 10, 2022
Contact Name: Phillip Imler
Contact Number: GANP Contact Page

Rangers were happy to discover the birth of a lowland gorilla in Virunga National Park earlier this month.  The baby was witnessed while rangers were on patrol in the Tshiaberimu area of the park.

The birth of the baby gorilla increased the population of this family of the endangered species to seven.  The authorities are actively trying to protect these magnificent creatures.

Virunga National Park is located in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  The area is wrought with terrorism, violence, poaching, and other instability which makes it difficult for the park rangers and other conservationists to protect these and other endangered species found in the park.

Established in 1925, Virunga is the country's oldest national park and it has been an ongoing struggle to protect the endangered lowland gorilla population.  The world's population has decreased from 17,000 just a few years ago down to around 6,000 currently.  Sadly, the population is thwarted by approximately 5% every year due to poaching and hunting.

This Virunga sanctuary for the gorillas encompasses an area of about 3,000 square miles (7,800 sq km) and runs along the border of Rwanda and Uganda.  The national park welcomed 17 babies in 2021 and is happy to welcome the first birth of 2022.

Unfortunately, armed militia groups find the thick forest of Virunga to be an excellent place to hideout.  The gorillas also serve as a source of income selling body parts and meat.  It is imperative that the global community rally alongside the authorities of Virunga National Park and conservation efforts to empower these environmentalists and conservationists to do everything possible to protect these endangered species so that they are here for future generations.