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See For Free: The US NPS Delivers 5 Entrance Free Days

Publish Date: January 7, 2022
Contact Name: Phillip Imler
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Escaping into the outdoors has grown in popularity throughout 2021 and there is no sign of it slowing down.  Covid-19 forced the majority of American's, and the world, into their homes creating desperation for fresh air, mobility, and freedom to get out.

The splendor and expanse of the national parks beckoned the weary and they heard the call.  People visited the 63 US national parks throughout this previous year in record numbers providing them with an opportunity to escape the isolation that Covid demanded.  These escapes also reminded people of the abundant beauty found in the world's national parks.

The US National Park Service (NPS) is creatively honoring 5 days of the year with an invitation to come and explore any national park for free. These five free days occur throughout the year on these special days the NPS is recognizing.

Monday, January 17th

The first free day is Monday, January 17th recognizing Martin Luther King Junior.  The NPS is celebrating the freedom and equality that he fought for with an invitation for anyone to visit for free.

Saturday, April 16th

The second opportunity happens on Saturday, April 16th which is the first day of National Park Week.  The entire week is a time to highlight the national parks of the United States and visitors can explore their favorite for free that day.  However, the NPS invites you to take the week and discover a new national park for you and your family.

Thursday, August 4th

In August 2019, Donald Trump signed the bipartisan created Great American Outdoors Act authorizing billions to fund and support initiatives of the National Park Service.  NPCA President and CEO Theresa Pierno said, "This bill is a conservationist's dream."

The NPS is celebrating the anniversary of this signing with an invitation to enjoy your next national park for free.

Saturday, September 24th

Traditionally recognized as the country's most populous individual day of volunteer support, the National Public Lands Day honors the relationship between people and nature and the call to practice conservation and good stewardship of our world's natural resources.

This annual recognition occurs on Saturday, September 24th.  Now visitors can experience a national park for free while also participating in the volunteer support of the parks as well

Friday, November 11th

The final free day is November 11th.  Veteran's Day is the perfect free-day-finale honoring the service and sacrifice of the country's armed services who provide the country with the freedoms valued by all Americans.  The NPS says "thank you" to them inviting everyone to celebrate with a visit to your favorite national park.

Covid-19 wreaked havoc on the nation and the world closing down traditional travel plans.  Thankfully, mother nature rose to the challenge and said, "We're here and ready."

Visitors may visit any one of the national park locations without having to pay an entrance fee.  Although many park entrance fees are free, this saves $5 to $35 in other cases. 

There are 63 national parks within the National Park Service management.  Of those, 61 are found within the 50 states.  You can explore the United States National Parks here.

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