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Mount Revelstoke National Park

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Mount Revelstoke National Park is located in the southeastern part of British Columbia, Canada.  The park covers an area of 100 square miles (260 sq km). Canada’s Glacier National Park is a neighbor.

The national park is part of the Selkirk Mountains, which is a range that extends from Idaho and eastern Washington of the United States up into the southeastern part of British Columbia.  It is part of the same corridor that aligns with Banff National Park and Yoho National Park.

The park features one of the globe’s few temperate rain forests that are inland.  The old-growth forest includes Western Red Cedar and Western Hemlock. It is hard to find any place that is geographically diverse and naturally pristine wilderness.

Visitors can drive through much of the park and see some of the amazing landscapes the park has to offer.  There are a number of places where you can have impressive views of the Monashee and Selkirk Mountains that make up much of the park.

The forested, subalpine, and alpine ecosystems serve as home to an array of abundant wildlife.  Some of the popular species include black bear, cougar, coyote, fox, grizzly bear, lynx, moose, mountain goat, and wolverine.

This is a place where people come for the day to picnic and take day hikes as a way to engage the clean air and stunning facets of nature that are easily accessible.  The winter months give way to skiing and other winter-related activities.  The park offers breath-taking picturesque winter landscapes that are hard to beat.


Mount Revelstoke is a year-round attraction that draws people during the summer months for park exploration and in the winter for snow-driven activities. There are many highlights of the park, but here are some that are among the most popular.

Trails out to Eva Lake are one of the most popular hikes and the landscape around the lake does not disappoint.

Mount Revelstoke

Mount Revelstoke is the tallest mountain in the park with a peak of 6,375 feet (1,943 m).  A road allows visitors to reach the peak along with a short hike to the actual summit.  The view from Mount Revelstoke is spectacular.

There are three mountain ranges that include Monashee, Purcell, and Selkirk which are all part of a striking panoramic view from atop Mount Revelstoke.

Meadows in the Sky Parkway

The Meadows in the Sky Parkway is a 16.1-mile (26 km) scenic drive up Mount Revelstoke toward the summit.  The road comes close to the peak creating only a short hike for visitors to reach the actual summit.

The drive is a scenic drive providing views of the mountain as well as several vista lookouts over the surrounding area. The paved road travels through the rainforest, sub-alpine forests, and among wildflower meadows. It really is an incredibly scenic drive.

Mount Revelstoke National Park Trails

Hiking is one of the leading ways to explore the national park.  Many of the trails are challenging because of the terrain and altitude. 

Mount Revelstoke Highlights

  • Mount Revelstoke
  • Meadows in the Sky Parkway
  • Eva Lake

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