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Yoho National Park

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Yoho National Park is located in western Canada as part of the Rocky Mountain range of southeastern British Columbia. The park boundaries cover an area of 507 square miles (1,313 sq km).

Although the smallest, Yoho is part of a contiguous collection of national parks that include Banff, Jasper, and Kootenay National Parks. The whole collection of protected areas is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The various mountain summits are all glorious and mesmerizing with Mount Goodsir serving as the highest summit at 11,703 feet (3,567 m). Takakkaw Falls is the tallest in the park reaching a height of 1,224 feet (373 m) with a single drop of 833 feet (254 m). 

Many people prefer Wapta Falls feeling it is more majestic because of its width which is 490 feet (150 m). It only falls 98 feet (30 m) but it flows at 9,000 cubic feet per second (254 cu m/s).

There are 61 lakes and ponds within the Yoho park boundaries. Emerald Lake is the largest and features a 3.2-mile (5.2 km) hike around it. Mount Burgess, standing at 8,527 feet (2,599 m) towers over Emerald Lake adding to the serenity of the hike and surrounding landscape.

Yoho is home to an abundance of wildlife. Some of the popular animal species of the park include badger, black bear, cougar, coyote, elk, grizzly bear, lynx, marmot, moose, mountain goat, mule deer, and wolverine.


Yoho National Park is the smallest of the four parks protecting the Canadian Rocky Mountains, but that does not mean it does not deliver when it comes to providing fantastic hikes and beautiful landscapes.

Takakkaw Falls and Wapta Falls are two of the highlights for visitors venturing into the national park. Emerald Lake and the mountains that surround it are another one of the sought-after views. There are over 60 lakes and ponds for hikers to explore with an abundance of trails.

Yoho National Park Trails

Although it is the smallest of the national parks protecting the Rocky Mountains of Canada, there are well over 60 trails that provide visitors with a great chance to explore the wilderness and discover the natural wonders the park protects. The trails range in length as well as degrees of difficulty from easy to challenging.

Yoho Highlights

  • Emerald Lake
  • Takakkaw Falls
  • Wapta Falls
  • Lake O’Hara
  • Kicking Horse Pass

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