Tayrona National Park

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Tayrona National Park is located in the Caribbean part of northern Colombia. The national park encompasses both land and sea areas to make up the park. The land accounts for 58 square miles (150 sq km) while the protected sea area accounts for 12 square miles (30 sq km).

The elevation ranges from sea level to 2,952.76 feet (900 m). Tayrona National Park features the ecological diversity of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range. It is the second most popular national park within the country of Colombia.

Wildlife in the park includes over 105 species of mammals, 15 species of amphibians, 31 species of reptiles, and at least 300 species of birds. There are over 70 species of bats with the Mantled howler, deer, and the oncilla being popular animal sightings. The montane solitary eagle and the military macaw top off the bird species.

The marine part of the national park protects the country’s Caribbean coral reef. There are two other protected coral reefs, however, Tayrona is the only national park. The coral reef features 110 species of corals, 202 species of sponges, 700 species of mollusks, and over 400 species of sea and river fish.

Tayrona Highlights

Tayrona National Park is the second most visited national park in Colombia. It provides visitors with an opportunity to explore nature found on land as well as beneath the sea.


Tayrona Highlights

  • Combination of land and marine exploration
  • Snorkeling or diving the coral reef


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