Cat Ba National Park

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Cat Ba National Park is located near the northeastern shore of Vietnam on Cat Ba Island which is the largest of the 367 islands and they represent the Bat Ba Archipelago. The national park covers an area of 102 square miles (263 sq km), of which, 35 square miles (90 sq km) of that is inshore water.

Cat Ba National Park features limestone-based rugged hills with peaks reaching heights around 1,600 feet (600 m) with both the valleys and hills covered in forests. The forest is comprised of primary, secondary, and mangrove.

The biological diversity of the national park features 1,500 species of plants with 118 of those accounted for by species of trees. A unique feature of Cat Ba is the 160 species of plants that contain medicinal characteristics.

Wildlife consists of 32 species of mammals, 20 species of reptiles and amphibians, and 78 species of birds. Deer, squirrel, macaque monkeys, and civit are the most probable wildlife sightings.

Cat Ba Highlights:

Trekking through the jungle is a treat itself, however, experiencing some of the wildlife enhances the experience. There are 32 species of mammals with the white-headed langur being a prized sighting. It is the rarest primate in the world.

Cat Ba National Park is a World Heritage Site.

Cat Ba Highlights

  • Sighting of a white-headed langur, rarest primate in the world


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