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Ancient Goreme National Park

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Göreme National Park is located in the central part of Turkey, which is a volcanic area that includes Mount Erciyes and Mount Hasan. The national park boundaries encompass an area of 39 square miles (100 sq km).

Neither Mount Hasan, with a peak at 10,673 feet (3,253 m) nor Mount Erciyes with a peak of 12,851 feet (3,917 m) are in the park boundaries, however, they can be seen when visiting the park area. They are both picturesque volcano mountains that add to the intriguing landscape of the area.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site was created in plateaus and big hills that have been eroded by rivers and wind. Much of the plateaus and hills are comprised of basalt and further developed from the volcanic ash of the volcanoes. The heart of the national park is grounded in the intersecting of underground settlements that are built into the rocky landscape that has been eroded by water and winds.

The erosion has left behind stunning hoodoo rock formations that include fairy chimneys, pillars, rock towers, and tent rocks. The softer layers of these rock formations have been leveraged to dig out dwellings.

This Turkish cultural feature is a highlight of the park. The imagination that resulted in this complex system of underground and caves of storehouses, religious worship sites, stables for animals, and living quarters is mesmerizing.

Tunnels and underground connections reveal an 8-story deep city system amongst these hoodoo rock formations that is incredible. Parts of this area are still homes to locals and parts have been turned into hotel space for visitors. As you discover and explore Goreme, you will return to ancient times while envisioning the lives of those who discovered this haven.


The landscape with the various pillars, rock towers, and other hoodoo rock formations is the highlight of a visit to Göreme National Park. However, one of the more intriguing aspects is how mankind in years past dug into and beneath these rock formations to create a community amongst these picturesque pillar landscapes.

Göreme Valley

Göreme Valley is characterized by steep slopes surrounding the valley.  The hoodoo, rock towers, and other eroded rock formations are located within the valley area.  The valley is also home to Bezirhane, Durmus, Kadir, Ortahane, and Yusuf Koc which are all historically significant churches in the area.  These structures, along with the striking eroded landscape, and other local facets are all part of the larger Göreme culture.

Ancient Goreme National Park Trails

Seeing the hoodoos, rock towers, and the underground settlements are at the heart of the  Göreme National Park experience.  There are at least eight different trails that make meandering through the Göreme valley truly memorable. The trails range from easy to moderate while providing excellent opportunities to discover and explore the landscape and historical significance of the area.

Park Protection

Göreme National Park was created by the Turkish government to celebrate and protect the historical and unique landscapes of the Göreme Valley.  These hoodoo rock towers and structures found throughout the rock formations is one of the most unique places in the world.  The area also earned UNESCO World Heritage status because of the cultural and historical significance.

Ancient Goreme Highlights


  • Göreme Valley
  • Göreme culture
  • The hoodoo landscape and unique rock formations

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