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Khao Sok National Park

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Khao Sok National Park is located in the southern peninsula of Thailand as part of the Surat Thani Province. The park covers an area of 285 square miles (739 sq km) of which includes 63 square miles (165 sq km) that are accounted for by Cheow Lan Lake.

The exquisite rainforest and mountainous area are further protected by the neighboring Sri Phang Nga National Park.  This adds another 1,544.41 square miles (4,000 sq km) of protected wilderness.

The park features a rainforest that is older and more diverse than the Amazon Rainforest. Bamboo and Liana trees are heavily represented in the forest. Fruit is plentiful with durian, jackfruit, jujube, mangosteen, pomelo, rambutan, and wild bananas topping the list. 

Some of the popular wildlife of Khao Sok National Park include the Asian elephant, tiger, tapir, bear, deer, wild boar, mouse deer, barking deer, gaur, and white-handed gibbons. It is home to the only known amphibious centipede. The king cobra, reticulated python, and flying lizards are some of the reptilian species that people may find intriguing but most would rather not encounter.


The serenity is what brings most people to Khao Sok National Park. The lakes, karsts, and waterfalls lead people to a natural state of relaxation. Of course, the heart starts racing if you have the opportunity to experience the Asian elephants, tigers, or sun bears in the wild.

Canoeing and bamboo rafting are everyday experiences on the Sok River, providing both exercise and scenic views of the national park. Local guides can take the more adventurous trekking through the jungle in hopes of experiencing wildlife in a more personal way.

Sun Bears

The sun bear is a dark bronze-colored bear that usually has a copper-colored ring around the front of its neck and on its face.  It is the smallest of the bear species reaching heights of around 28 inches (70 cm).  It can weigh between 55 to 143 lbs (25-65 kg).

The sun bear is a tree lover and will sleep, eat, and relax in the trees.  It is an excellent tree-climbing bear and is the most tree-living of any bear species in the world.  The koala bear, which surpasses it, is not a bear.

Asian Elephants

Asian Elephants are the largest wildlife species in Asia, reaching heights of 9.0 feet (2.75 m).  The females are shorter, reaching heights of about 7.9 feet (2.4 m). It is smaller than its African cousin but is still a remarkable beast with many of the same characteristics.

The tusks can get as long as 5 feet (1.5 m) but are usually a little short than that.  They can weigh as much as 90 lbs (41 kg) but are usually a little less than that.  One of the unique characteristics is that these elephants often have a predominant tusk being either left or right tusk focused.

Things To Do:

At times you may feel like you are in the setting of Jurrasic Park or King Kong.  The rainforest and moutainous landscapes are stunning.  Here is how you can enjoy the national park:

Elephant safari

Exploring the jungle on the back of an elephant is a remarkable way to discover what the park has to offer visitors.  Take in the sights and keep your eyes open for wildlife while you trek on the back of the earth's largest land mammal.

Khao Sok National Park Trails

The majority of people engage the national park through guided safari tours. However, there are trails available to add to the adventure.  The majority are rated moderate and give people an excellent taste of the jungle area.

Khao Sok Highlights

  • Tiger, Asian elephant, and sun bears
  • Boating from waterfall to the lake
  • Diamond cave and Khang Cow Cave

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