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Taroko National Park

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Taroko National Park is located northeast of the midpoint in the island nation of Taiwan, and southeast from the capital city of Taipei.  The national park area covers an area of 360 square miles (920 sq km).

The park derived its name from the gorge created by the Liwu River.  Without question, it is one of the main appeals of the national park.  The river has carved through the marble mountain establishing a stunning gorge worthy of exploration and viewing.

Taroko features a collection of natural and man-made facets that make a visit to this national park appropriate for everyone.  There are facets of travel where each person will find something they value. 

The Swallow Grotto, Zhuilu Cliff, and Qingshui Cliffs are attractions that most visitors look to experience.  The Zhuilu Suspension Bridge provides the willing participant to look down below the amazing river and scenery.

Waterfalls are abundant with the most popular ones being Baiyang Waterfall, Changchun Waterfall, Lushui Waterfall, and Yindai Waterfall.

The Eternal Spring Shrine is one of the cultural and historical features of the park.  The way it is nestled into the natural landscape creates a stunning photographic scene.  It also serves as a memorial for veterans.  Those interested in culture and history can also travel over to the Changuang Temple.


The Eternal Spring Shrine is an obvious highlight with its immaculate picturesque setting.  Almost any reference to the national park will feature images of this shrine highlighting its beautiful nature. 

Other cultural highlights include the Changuang Temple, Liufang Bridge, and the Cimu Bridge also known as the Motherly Devotion Bridge.

The Tunnel of Nine Turns was established in November of 2017 and provides visitors with a unique experience winding through a tunnel.

Taroko National Park Trails

The national park features a variety of trails that allow visitors to explore the historical features while taking in the breathtaking landscapes as well.

Taroko Highlights

  • Eternal Spring Shrine
  • Zhuilu Suspension Bridge
  • Tunnel of Nine Turns

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