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Tyresta National Park

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Tyresta National Park is located in the southern part of Sweden just outside and south of Stockholm.  The park covers an area of 7.6 square miles (19.7 sq km).  The park is small; however, there are 12 national parks in Sweden that are smaller in area.

Although small in size, the national park has numerous lakes and a gorge landscape that features rocky slopes.  The majority of the park is blanketed with forest creating a beautiful escape into nature. Amongst the forested area, you will find rocky outcrops, small lakes, and marshes.

At the heart of the park is the significant coniferous old-growth forest, which is one of the largest forested areas in the southern part of the country.  There are pine trees that are around 400 years old.  The knotted forests and old-growth vegetation create a mystique of time gone by.  These forested landscapes are accented with lichens, mosses, and pine trees that reach to the sky.

Another key feature of the national park is the series of dams and lakes that are found across the park boundaries.  There are eight lakes squeezed into this park which include:

  • Arsjon
  • Bylsjon
  • Lanan
  • Langsjon
  • Mortsjon
  • Nedre Dammen
  • Stensjon
  • Trehorningen

The lake, forest, and terrain do support wildlife; however, the park is not known for wildlife sightings.  Some of the potential wildlife sightings include elk, roe deer, wild boar, beaver, rabbit, and fox.

Birdwatching is popular with owls and woodpeckers as some of the bird species highlights.  The tawny owl, eagle owl, and Eurasian pygmy owl are some of the targeted sightings.


The park is a recreational gem for both Swedish locals and travelers visiting in the area.  There are numerous opportunities for engaging the wilderness, whether on the water or within the forests.  Escaping into the pristine wilderness is often the highlight for the majority of visitors.


Stensjon is the largest lake within the national park boundaries.  However, even as the largest lake, it only covers an area of 0.15 square miles (0.40 sq km).  The lake is surrounded by forest and features a couple of small islands in the lake.

Tyresta National Park Trails

Engaging the old-growth forest and the abundant lakes is at the heart of the hiking endeavors found within the park.  There are numerous trails in and about the park boundaries.

Park Protection

National Park was created to protect one of the most significant forested areas that have not been manipulated by humanity.  At the heart of the park, is one of the most extensive old-growth forests across all of southern Sweden.

The national park features a series of dams and lakes, creating extensive waterways.  The national park was also established to invest in the outdoor recreational endeavors of both local Swedish residents as well as international visitors from around the world.

Tyresta Highlights

  • Abundant Lakes
  • Stensjon
  • Old-growth Forest

Park Map