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Naejangsan National Park

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Naejangsan National Park is located in the southestern part of South Korea.  The national park encompasses an area of 31 square miles (81 sq km) making it the 7th smallest of the country's national parks.

The park is renowned for the strikingly beautiful fall foliage that blankets the area around the mountain. The spring brings captivating colors with the blossoms of the cherry trees and the azalea bushes.  This park is one of the most popular destinations because of the abundance of colors on display.

Naejangsan is the focal point reaching a peak of 2,503 feet (763 m).  The jagged peak create a striking visual, particularly when accompanied by the fall foliage.

Along with the colorful vegetation, the national park also provides visitors with a taste of Korean culture.  There are several temples located throughout the park.  Baegyangsa Temple and Naejangsa Temple are two of the more popular.


Naejangsan mountain is the cornerstone of the park.  It reaches a summit of 2,503 feet (763 m).  However, the highlights are truly the colors found during the spring blossoms and the fall foliage.

The spring delivers breath taking color with the azaleas and cherry blossoms.  The spring might just be outdone with the brilliant reds and oranges that blanket the mountainside and surrounding landscapes.

Cable Car

A cable car ride up the side of the mountain is one of the easiest ways to view the fall foliage without making the effort to hike the trails.  It also provide a unique perspective.

Naejangsan National Park Trails

There are many paths that allow visitors to walk and hike through the astounding landscape.  One of the more challenging treks is the 9-summit circut with varying peaks ranging from 2,172 to 2,503 feet (662 m to 763 m).  It takes between 4.5 to 7 hours to complete the circuit.

Park Protection

Naejang was established as a national park to protect the striking vegetation and landscapes that surround Naejangsan mountain. Along with the astounding landscapes with cherry blossoms in the spring and blanketed fall foliage, the park also protects the cultural heritage found in the temples located within the park boundaries.

Naejangsan Highlights

  • Naejangsan mountain
  • Cherry blossoms
  • Fall foliage

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