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Veluwezoom National Park

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Veluwezoom National Park is located in the province of Gelderland which is situated on the eastern side of central Netherlands.  The park covers an area of 19 square miles (50 sq km).

Veluwezoom was the first national park established in the Netherlands protecting the southeastern portion of the Veluwe.  The Veluwe is a dense forest ridge of hills that expand beyond the national park borders displaying an array of woodland, heath, lakes, and sand drift landscapes.

The elevation is markedly high from Netherlands ’ perspective reaching heights as much as 360.9 feet (110 m) above sea level.  The vegetation is comprised mostly of forests, heathland, and sand drifts.  This ecosystem supports the wildlife of the area.

Some of the most popular wildlife species include badger, European pine marten, red deer, and the wild boar.

Veluwezoom also provides a taste of Netherland history and culture with a series of country houses, remarkable estates, and stunning farmlands scattered amongst the national park boundaries.


The national park represents the country’s oldest commitment to protected areas recognizing the beauty and value of the ecosystem that makes up the area of Veluwezoom.  The terrain is some of the highest elevations amongst the country


The Prosbank is a 295.3-feet (90 m) high hill that is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the park.  Once you reach the top of the hill, you will be rewarded with astounding panoramic views of the national park landscapes.  You can see as far as 12.4 miles (20 km) across the park terrain.

Red Deer Mating

The red deer mating season occurs between the months of September and October.  The males seek to attract females with their vocal roaring.  There are two wildlife observation posts that provide opportunities to observe the animals without interference.

You may also experience the roaring mating ritual of the red deer while hiking on the trails.  It is best to check in with the visitor center to consult which trails have the best chances during your specific visit.

Cultural Settlements

In the south part of the national park, visitors will have an opportunity to drive past and hike along trails that provide views of striking old estates, exquisite and quaint country homes, and enchanting old farms.

Beekhuizen, Heuven, and Rhereroord are three separate country houses that are accompanied by parks and serve as a taste of both history and culture for those who opt to visit these captivating estates.

Veluwezoom National Park Trails

Veluwezoom is not a mountainous area and there is a minimal elevation gain.  Hiking is a popular activity with a nice variety of trails ranging from easy to moderate.  Hiking is one of the best ways to experience the national park.

Park Protection

As the oldest national park in the Netherlands, Veluwezoom National Park was created to protect the push moraine and forest ecosystem that supports the wildlife of the area.  The European pine marten is extremely rare in the region and efforts must be taken to protect its habitat and chances for survival.

Veluwezoom Highlights

  • Prosbank
  • Red deer mating
  • Historical and cultural settlements

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