Hoge Veluwe National Park

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Hoge Veluwe National Park is located in the central part of the Netherlands. The national park encompasses an area of 21 square miles (55 sq km).  One of the things that makes the park unique is that it is privately owned.

The park is comprised of heathlands, sand dunes, and woodlands; it represents the largest terminal moraine in the country.  It is one of the largest nature reserves in the country.  It also boasts over 500 species of flora.

The wildlife is home to a variety of mammals; however, they are known for the “big four” which include mouflon, red deer, roe deer, and wild boar.  Other popular species include badgers, foxes, and marten.

The park also provides visitors with an array of cultural encounters as well.  Jachthuis Sint Hubertus manor and the Kroller-Muller Museum are two of the more popular attractions within the park.  The museum houses significant historical art from famous artists like Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Odilon Redon, and several others. 

Museonder is an additional museum that presents displays that educate visitors on the geology and biology of the park. There are also around 275 sculptures and other artistic presentations within the park.

Hoge Veluwe Highlights

Experiencing the artwork from artists like Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso is a unique highlight that is not experienced in almost other national parks.

Trails of Hoge Veluwe National Park

The park provides hikers with an array of trails and footpaths that meander through the park.  Most of the trails are easy with little elevation changes.  The various trails range from 1.86 miles (3 km) to 4.97 miles (8 km) for the traditional hiker.  For those who are more adventurous, there are trails reaching over 20 miles (32 km) in distance.  There are limited elevation changes in the park making most trails easier in nature.

Leuvenumse Beek: This trail is rated easy and covers a distance of 9.3 miles (15 km) and takes about 4.5 hours to complete.  This is one of the few trails where you might capture glimpses of a stream.  This is an easy stroll that meanders through the forest area.

Postweg en Koningsweg Trail: This loop trail is rated moderated and travels through the forests for 8.53-miles (13.8 km).  The trail meanders through the forests and incudes terrain the bumps the trail up above an easy rating as well as the distance.

Jachthuispad Trail: This is an easy rated trail that meanders through the forest for 5.7miles (9.2 km).  This is a great escape into nature with chances for birdwatching and spotting other wildlife.

Ermelo Ronde Trail: This is a longer but easy rated trail traveling 24 miles (38.6 km).  Much of this trail is paved attracting cyclists as well.  It is a peaceful trail through the forests of the park.

Hoge Veluwe Rondje Bezoekerscentrum Trail: This is a loop trail that meanders through excellent park forests. The loop covers a distance of 3.9 miles (6.3 km).  It is an easy rated trail that gives visitors a great taste of the national park's forests.

Hoge Veluwe Highlights

  • Hubertus Hunting Lodge
  • Kroller-Muller Museum


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