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Toubkal National Park

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Toubkal National Park is located in the southwestern-central part of Morocco.  The national park encompasses an area of 146.7 square miles (380 sq km).

Mount Toubkal is the highlight of the park with the collective High Atlas Mountains attracting hikers and climbers from around the world. The mountain is the tallest in North Africa.  Only 15% of the park features forest with the majority accounted for by the arid mountains.

Toubkal is the tallest summit within the national park boundaries reaching a height of 13,671.26 feet. (4,167 m).  There are several other summits with heights over 12,007 feet (3,660 m).  Here is a list of 7 peaks that top this mark while falling short of Toubkal:

  • Ouanoukrim - 13,415 feet (4,089 m)
  • Plateau de Tazarhart – 13,197 feet (3,995 m)
  • L’Aksoual – 13,197 feet (3,995 m)
  • Ineghmar – 12,769 feet (3,892 m)
  • Bou Iguenouane - 12,736 feet (3,882 m)
  • Le tichki – 12,312 feet (3,753 m)
  • Azrou Tamadout – 12,021 feet (3,664 m)

Climbing and trekking up the abundance of summits within the High Atlas Mountains of Toubkal National Park is the biggest draw and highlight of the park.

The park landscape also presents cliffs, gorges, plateaus, and valleys for visitors to experience and explore. The park also featured prehistoric drawings, but much of that has been defaced.

Mouflon is the most prevalent of the wildlife found within the national park.  There are 13 species of raptors with the Royal Eagle, Bonelli’s Eagle, Booted Eagle, and Short-toed Eagle being some of the popular species.


The High Atlas Mountains are the draw to explore this Moroccan national park with Toubkal being the pinnacle highlight.  Although there is still altitude and other challenges, the ascent up Toubkal is more of a trek than a climb.

Toubkal National Park Trails

The majority of hiking trails begin in the town of Imlil.  Imenane, Mizane, and Azzadene are valleys that all offer nice hikes which also help with acclimatization before trekking up Toubkal.

Toubkal Highlights

  • Mount Toubkal

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