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Durmitor National Park

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Durmitor National Park is located in northwestern Montenegro within the Dinaric Alps. As the largest national park in Montenegro, this UNESCO World Heritage site covers an area of 79,000 acres (32,100 ha).

The Durmitor is a mountain area, locally called a massif, featuring 48 separate peaks; Bobotov Kuk is the highest reaching a summit of 8,278 feet (2,523 m). The Durmitor massif and neighboring plateau are home to 18 different glacial lakes. The massif is comprised of limestone and surrounded by European Black Pine with other rare and endemic plant species as well.

There are three canyons that surround the Durmitor massif which include Draga Canyon, Susica Canyon, and Tara River Canyon. The Tara River Canyon is 4,265 feet (1,300 m) deep and stretches 49.7 miles (80 km) long making it the deepest gorge in Europe and possibly the second largest after the Grand Canyon.

Wildlife in the national park includes brown bear, grey wolf, and the European wild cat. The golden eagle and peregrine falcon are two of the coveted bird sightings.


Durmitor National Park is a dynamic place to experience nature. A spectacular massif in Durmitor itself along with Tara River are some of the highlights of the park. Hiking, trekking, and mountaineering are the best way to explore the park and experience these different facets of the national park.

The winter season offers visitors stunning snowcapped landscapes while providing opportunities for skiing and snowboarding.


Durmitor is the tallest mountain in the area with 48 different summits.  The highest peak is Bobotov Kuk at 8,278 feet (2,523 m). The massif is tremendous in size and home to 18 separate glacial lakes. 

The massif is dissected by the Tara River Canyon from the north, the Piva River Canyon from the west, and the Komarnica River Canyon on the south. Durmitor is almost a range of mountains itself with the various peaks.  It makes for a tremendous place to hike and explore and see the terrain from the many different viewpoints.

The top 5 peaks are all over 8,000 feet (2439 m) and include:

  • Bobotov kuk - 8,274 feet (2,522 m)
  • Bezimeni vrh - 8,159 feet (2,487 m)
  • Sljeme - 8,054 feet (2,455 m)
  • Istocni vrh Sljemena - 8,022 feet (2,445 m)
  • Soa / Devojka - 8,005 feet (2,445 m)

Tara River Canyon

The Tara River Canyon or Tara River Gorge runs 51 miles (82 km) with the last 22.3 miles (36 km) of the gorge forming the border between Montenegro and neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The canyon reaches a height of 4,300 feet (1,300 m) and is recognized as one of the deepest river canyons in Europe.

The Tara River Canyon provides a variety of different engagements with nature.  It has beaches, rocky terraces, stellar cliffs, and over 80 different caves.  Of course, the wildlife of the park can be found throughout the canyon area.  The Tara River has whitewater rapids and various cascades attracting those who like exploring nature from rafts or kayaks.

Things To Do:

Durmitor is a amazing wilderness that offers different facets of nature that beckon visitors to come and experience.  Hiking sits atop of the activities, however there is more.


The Tara Gorge is deepest canyon in Europe and one of the best ways to experience its majestic nature is on the river.  Take a raft trip down one of Europe's natural wonders.

Durmitor National Park Trails

There are a good handful of trails that allow hikers and backpackers opportunities to explore the massif.  Most of them are rated moderate or challenging.  You should consult the ranger station on recommended routes.

Park Protection

Durmitor National Park was created to protect the largest mountain in the country along with the surrounding wilderness.  The park also protects the Tara River Canyon which is the deepest gorge in Europe.  The protected wilderness is also the habitat for brown bear, grey wolf and the European wild cat which must be protected from human encroachment and hunting.

Durmitor Highlights

  • Tara River Canyon
  • Durmitor Massif
  • Bear and wolf sightings

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