Durmitor National Park

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Durmitor National Park is located in northwestern Montenegro within the Dinaric Alps. As the largest national park in Montenegro, this UNESCO World Heritage site covers an area of 79,000 acres (32,100 ha).

The Durmitor is a mountain area, locally called a massif, featuring 48 separate peaks; Bobotov Kuk is the highest reaching a summit of 8,274 feet (2,522 m). The Durmitor massif and neighboring plateau are home to 18 different glacial lakes. The massif is comprised of limestone and surrounded by European Black Pine with other rare and endemic plant species as well.

There are three canyons that surround the Durmitor massif which include Draga Canyon, Susica Canyon, and Tara River Canyon. The Tara River Canyon is 4,265 feet (1,300 m) deep and stretches 49.7 miles (80 km) long making it the deepest gorge in Europe and possibly the second largest after the Grand Canyon.

Wildlife in the national park includes brown bear, grey wolf, and the European wild cat. The golden eagle and peregrine falcon are two of the coveted bird sightings.

Durmitor Highlights:

Durmitor National Park is a dynamic place to experience nature. A spectacular massif in Durmitor itself, 18 glacial lakes, and numerous summits to aspire to reach. Hiking, trekking, and mountaineering are the best way to explore the park and experience these different facets of the national park.

The winter season offers visitors stunning snowcapped landscapes while providing opportunities for skiing and snowboarding.

Durmitor Highlights

  • Tara River Canyon
  • Durmitor Massif
  • Bear and wolf sightings


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