Basaseachic Falls

Basaseachic Falls National Park is located in northwestern Mexico in the western part of the state of Chihuahua. The park covers an area of 14,340 acres (5,803 ha) and is seated in the center of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range.

The Basaseachic Falls, locally known as Cascada de Basaseachic) reach a height of 853 feet (246 m) making them the second highest waterfall in Mexico. The falls are the pinnacle attraction of the park and serve as the foundation for the national park name.

In addition to Basaseachic Falls, the park is renowned for the scenery particularly from the cliffs overlooking the park from summits around 5,380 feet (1,640 m). Views from around park provide visitors with tremendous rock formations and sheer sided cliffs, panoramic sites that are unbelievable, and thick pine-oak forests. The pine-oak forests are comprised of 92 species of conifers and 76 species of oaks.

The Candameña Canyon is one of the deepest in the Sierra Tarahumara which delivers the Basaseachic Falls runoff into the Candameña River. The Duraznos River and Basaseachic River both feed in together creating the source for the Basaseachic Falls.

The cougar is the main predator of the park with other popular mammalian species including white-tailed deer, collared peccary, skunk, boar, raccoon, Mexican fox squirrel, and the jackrabbit. Rock and black-tail rattlesnake along with Texas horned lizards round off the reptiles of the park.


  • Basaseachic Falls
  • Candameña Canyon

Without question, the 853-foot (246 m) Basaseachic Falls is the pinnacle attraction of the national park. Along with the falls, a highlight for travelers is the abundance of rock formations and the sheer-cliff sided canyon. 

The near vertical walls of Candameña Canyon are impressive. Although illusive, a sighting of a mountain lion is thrilling.


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