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Ranomafana National Park

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Ranomafana National Park is located on the eastern side of the island country of Madagascar. It is in the southcentral part that side of the island.  The national park encompasses an area of 160.61 square miles (416 sq km).

The landscape of the park features tropical rainforest-covered mountains with park elevation ranging from 2,624.6 feet (800 m) to 3,937 feet (1,200 m).  It is home to incredibly rare species of wildlife and vegetation.

The wildlife of the park reflects the tropical rainforest landscape.  There are 43 mammal species with lemurs accounting for close to 20 of those.  There are also 12 species of chameleons with another 10 species of lizards.  These complement the 115 species of birds and 90 species of butterflies that fill the skies of the rainforest.  Of the birds, 30 species are endemic to the area.

Visitors are required to secure a local guide to explore the park.  This can be done in advance or upon arrival at the park office.


There are close to 20 different species of lemurs found within the park.  These and the other 30 endemic species found only within the park area is a special treat.

Ranomafana National Park Trails

There are 5 different hiking trails that provide opportunities for visitors to discover and learn more about the park.  The trails vary in length with the shorter being more popular and more likely to be taken with others.

Ranomafana Highlights

  • Lemurs
  • Endemic species

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