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Watamu Marine National Park

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Watamu Marine National Park is located along the central part of the coast of Kenya.    It is just 90 miles (140 km) north of Mombasa.

The Watamu Marine National Park represents an underwater haven of corals, fish, and other aquatic marine life. 

The coral reef is comprised of 110 different species of stony coral and numerous crustaceans and mollusks.  The diverse marine life earned the park a biosphere reserve status as well as the UN World Biosphere Reserve recognition.

The makeup of the coral reef includes 150 species of hard and soft corals that are home to over 500 species of fish.  The surrounding marine area increases the species of fish to around 1,000. 

Barracuda, Green turtles, Hawksbill turtles, Leatherback turtles, manta rays, octopus, Olive Ridley Turtles, and whale sharks are some of the more intriguing species that people like to encounter.


The coral reef is a vibrant collection of corals and other marine wildlife.  When most people think of Kenya, they envision safaris, the Big 5, and wildlife.  Watamu is a different type of wildlife experience and a welcomed diversion into nature that is different than the typical African experience.

Watamu Marine National Park Trails

Watamu is a marine park and there are no trails to hike.

Watamu Marine Highlights

  • Coral Reef
  • Abundant marine wildlife

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