Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park

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Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park, locally known as Parco nazionale delle Dolomiti Bellunesi, is located in northern Italy. The park covers an area of 12 square miles (32 sq km). The national park is home to the Dolomites which actually extend well beyond the boundaries of the national park.

The Dolomites are some of the most renowned mountains in the world are arguably one of the most beautiful ranges. Alpi Feltrine, Monti del Sole, Pramper, Schiara, Spiz di Mezzodi, and Talvena are all ranges found within the park boundaries. The highest point in all of the Dolomites is Marmolada peak reaching a summit of 10,968 feet (3,343 m).

In addition to the majestic mountains, the national park landscape includes springs, swamps, rivers, and canyons. Mouflon, roe deer, chamois, and red deer are some of the larger mammalian species with marmot, stoat, and marten accounting for the more commonly experienced small mammals.

The Golden Eagle is the primary predator in the area and this magnificent bird has been known to catch and carry off deer from the sides of mountains. There are another 15 or so species of birds found in the national park.

Dolomiti Bellunesi Highlights:

Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park is an awe-inspiring place many varying landscapes that leave visitors mesmerized. The Dolomite mountains are a pinnacle sight for those that appreciate the significance of beautiful mountains.

It is imperative that you get out of the car and engage the Dolomites personally whether biking, hiking, trekking, or exploring. This is an excellent place to commune with nature, turn off the world, and appreciate the majestic beauty of creation.

Dolomiti Bellunesi Highlights

  • Seeing the Dolomites
  • Mountain climbing for the more adventurous
  • Seeing a golden eagle hunting its prey


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