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Pench National Park is located right in the middle of India in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The park covers an area of 99.33 square miles (257.26 sq km).  The Pench River serves as the name source of the park, although, it is affectionately known as the "Land of the Jungle Book."

The Pench River cuts through the central part of the park with both sides revealing thick deciduous forests that serve as the habitat for an abundance of wildlife species.  Along with teak, saja, and the other tree species, the landscape is covered with grasses and other bush type vegetation.

The elevation is fairly consistent with variations fro 1,394 to 2,034 feet (425 to 620 m).  Much of the elevation changes are accounted for by small hills.  Combined with the lush vegetation, it is a wildlife haven.

One of the most coveted wildlife sightings is the Bengal tiger.  Some of the other predator species include the Indian leopard, Indian wolf, jungle cat, fox, hyena, jackal, and wild dear.  Some of the other hopeful wildlife species include sloth bear, gaur, barking deer, sambar, nilgai, chital, and wild boar.

There are over 210 species of birds nesting or migrating through the park creating a spectacular place for bird-lovers.  Many of the species are fowl, heron, or other species frequently found along river banks.


The wildlife is the reason visitors travel to explore the national park.  There are almost 40 mammalian species with over 210 species of birds as an anticipation for the wildlife enthusiast.

Without question, spotting a Bengal tiger is the highlight of all experiences in the national park.  This majestic animals mesmerize visitors with hopes of watching them for quite some time.

Jungle Walk

If you want the "Jungle Book" experience then you need to get out into the jungle. This guided walk talks visitors into the forest to experience nature more personally.

Jungle Safari

One of the best experiences is the jungle safari.  This the best opportunity for experience the most of the park with the best chances for seeing wildlife.  This is the most popular activity of the park.

Night Safari

A night safari is a different experience that allows you to see how the jungle comes alive at night.  Your safari team will use spotlights to help see wildlife and the jungle at night.

Pench National Park Trails

Although this is a wildlife sanctuary, there are trekking opportunities.  These guided tours allow visitors to experience nature in a more personal manner while getting exercise at the same time.

Park Protection

Pench National Park was created in 1975 as part of India's efforts to invest and protect the tiger population.  The park protects the lush deciduous forests and landscape which is home to an abudnace of wildlife and the endangered bengal tiger.  There are approximately 40 tigers living within the boundaries of the park.

The park also protects four different species of vultures that are on the endangered list.

Pench Highlights

  • Bengal tigers
  • Indian leopard
  • A true "Jungle Book" inspiration

Park Map