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Satao Camp in Tsavo East National Park is strategically located at a watering hole that delivers some of the most astounding safari moments without even venturing into your safari vehicle.  The safari adventure comes directly to you as you rest, dine, and sit in the comforts of your luxury tents or camp setting.

It is fair to say that Satao Camp is nestled amongst its own oasis with thousands of animals that visit throughout the year to drink, bath, or spectate those watching them.  You will find yourself on an adventure from the moment you arrive until the time you leave all catered with fantastic service.

The camp features 20 en-suite tents that are nestled amongst the landscape with views of the watering holes that draw animals from all around.  These luxury tents are all decorated with traditional and authentic African flare.  Each comes with its own personal and private veranda.


The national park is the most comprehenisve protected area with both expanse and diversity in all of Kenya.  The highlight of your experience will be the abundant opporutnities you get to see wildlife whether from the comforts of the Satao Camp or out on a game viewing safari.  Wildlife is the highlight it and happens over and over leaving you with a astounding experience that will be a forever memory.d

Guest Rooms

If you are looking for the traditional African safari adventure, then Satao Camp is the place to help make that a reality.  The luxury tented accomodations are spacious featuring authentic African decour.

Each safari crafted en-suite tent features its own private veranda and personal bathrooms making your trip comfortable and convenient.  The four suites are more spacious and strategically placed closer to the watering hole for more personal and intimate views of the wildlife.


Satao Camp caters to special dietary needs while remaining committed to delivering both local and international cuisine that is fantastic.  Leveraging the freshest ingredients, guests will find tasty breakfast, lunch, and dinner as all part of the outstanding experience. 

One of the unique dining experiences is having lunch under the the 200-year old Tamarind tree which provides views of the watering holes.  Imagine dining on your lunch while watching elephants play in the water or other animals visiting for their afternoon drink.  If you don't want the traditional dinner in the camp restaraunt, you can opt for a private dining in the bush experience.


The Satao delivers all of the comforts that would be expected in a traditional lodge in the spacious en-suite luxury tents.  The amenities are there to make sure your stay meets your expectations

The camp also providers personal game drives through the expanse of Tsavo East and the diversity that awaits.  Additionally, you will find private verandas, comfortable sitting areas, and dual sinks in your private bath.  You also plan to unwind with your sundowners whether you choose to leverage those at the lodge or in the comforts of your luxury tent.

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