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The Pumzika Luxury Safari Camp is nestled amongst the plains of the Serengeti seated in the Seronera region. The camp delivers an authentic safari adventure with luxury tents that create an atmosphere that mesmerizes guests from around the world.

Additionally, the Pumzika offers private accomodations in the pristine wilderness with all luxury comforts one would desire.  This means you can partake of the landscape while appreciating the pleasure of your accomodations at the same time.


When you have the opportunity to be secluded in the wilds of the Serengeti where you can witness buffalo and giraffes roaming around your camp, it is thrilling.

Additionally, you have two of the largest lion prides in the park nearby making it easier for possible sightings.  It is the seclusion and remoteness that draws people into the Pumzika and leaves them wishing they didn't have to leave. 

Guest Rooms

The Pumzika can proudly acknowledge that they deliver the highest and finest services to their guests.  There are six spacious luxury tents that feature en-suite bathrooms that deliver authentic African decour throug and through.  You will find handmade washbasins and bucket showers that add to your safari adventure.

The traditional explorer is right at home with safari themed writing desks and chairs, luggage racks, and other reflections of the safaris of old.  Comfort awaits in your queen bed draped in 100% percale cotten sheets and a mohair blanket.


Pumzika holds nothing back when it comes to your dining experience.  You can opt to dine in the authentic safari-tented dining room or opt for a more secluded table out under the skies.  The stars are brilliant and make for divine lighting during the evening hours.

You can expect local and fresh foods that are crafted by the culinary chef into both international and local cuisines.  Your pallette will appreciate the opportunity to indulge in these delicacies.


It is not fair when you call your amenities buffalo, giraffe, and other Serengeti plains wildlife but it is true.  Glassware crafted by the Shanga community adds to the authenticity of the camp while also investing in the local community.

The camp features a tented living area with leather couches and 360 degree views of the wilderness.  The dining tent continues the safari feeling with views of the landscapes all under the comforts of your luxury dining tent and cuisine.

You can explore this natural wonder of the Serengeti with the traditional 4x4 safari game drive or from up in the skies with an astounding balloon safari.

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