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The Islands of Siankaba Lodge represent seclusion, intrigue, romance, and adventure all wrapped up into one lodging experience.  The lodge is located upriver from Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park and Victoria Falls nestled in the trees on two private islands out in the Zambezi River.

That’s right, the Zambezi River is flowing all around and in between your luxury tented chalets.  The chalets, the walkways, and bridges are all elevated above the river and nestled in the trees.  This is the embodiment of the Swiss Family Robinson experience with enhanced romance and amenities.

The Islands of Siankaba Lodge is a 5-star luxurious resort with each chalet individually placed for seclusion amongst the trees, vegetation, and flowing Zambezi River.  Just getting to the resort is part of the adventure. 

A drive outside of Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park upriver takes guests to a remote welcome center.  Guests will then board a boat that will transport guests to the main island where the primary lodge and resort services are located.  After checking in, guests are guided across rope bridges and elevated boarded walkways to their individual secluded luxury tented chalet.

Each chalet is nestled in the trees affording guests with unspoiled and tranquil surroundings with a constant serenading from the sounds of the Zambezi River and other natural acoustics.


The resort is nestled in the trees on an island in the Zambezi River giving you a tranquil and serene stay that may be the most romantic you ever experience.

The resort only provides chalets for a small limited number of guests keeping your stay private and more intimate.

Guest Rooms

Don’t let “tent” lead you astray.  Each tented chalet is a fully equipped spectacular accommodation that some have described as the most romantic place they have ever been.  Each chalet features a balcony raised over and appearing out onto the Zambezi River.

A walk-in shower or club foot tub awaits travelers for a time of relaxation and rejuvenation.  The rich dark wood frames much of the chalet with the highlight being the view out over the Zambezi River.

The bed faces the balcony allowing guests to lounge in bed while looking out over the Zambezi River.  You might have to wrestle with exploring Victoria Falls, Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, or staying put and enjoying the serenity of your own personal paradise.

There are only 7 chalets which means you have a maximum of 14 guests sharing the seclusion of these two private islands of Siankaba.


Dining is located on the main island and features open-air seating with views of the Zambezi River.  Guests are treated with diverse African cuisine and multi-course dining experiences.  Pallet cleanser treats are provided between courses preparing diners for the next round of delicacies.


The Islands of Siankaba Lodge provides guests with a pool, massage services, and various lounging spots enhancing the probabilities that you find the perfect place to turn off the world and escape into the tranquility and relaxation of this secluded resort affords guests who choose the Siankaba Lodge for their Victoria Falls accommodations.

Other amenities include bathrobes, ceiling fan, private safe, hairdryer, mini-bar, tee & coffee-making options. 

Reservations and Contact Information

If you would like to inquire about a stay at the Islands of Siankaba Lodge, you may reach them by visiting their website:

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