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Elsa's Kopje Meru by Elewana is nestled amongst the wilderness of Mughwango Hill delivering one of the most romantic accommodations for those exploring Meru National Park.

Demonstrating a commitment to the environment, Elsa's Kopje helped rescue and revive Meru National Park.  Designed by Stefano Cheli, this award-winning lodge delivers a boutique lodge with African pizzazz.  The lodge earned the "Best Safari Property in Africa" award from the Good Safari Guide and is considered one of the most classy lodges across the continent.

The remoteness of the national park adds to some of the intrigue while those who explore Elsa's Kopje and the national park discover that it is one of the most beautiful.


The remote Meru National Park allows visiters to walk in the footsteps of the Adamsons and the famous Elsa the lion.  The park and the lodge are both considered to be one of the most beautiful in Africa.  The lodge serves as the perfect launching point as your explore the astounding rhino sanctury or take in the abundance of wildlife in one of the lodge's game drives.

The park is honored to be the home of more diversity than any other national park in East Africa.  Of course, you can anticipate your lions and elephants, but there is so much more to enjoy.

Guest Rooms

Elsa's Kopje Meru by Elewana is renowned as one of the most prestigous destinations in Africa.  You will be thankful you select this lodging for your accomodations.  There are four different types of lodging options including cottages, family cottages, honeymoon suites and the luxury private house.

Each of the cottages is nestled amongst the rocks.  The cottages feature spacious bedrooms, open sitting areas, a veranda with a panoramic view, and spacious beathrooms.  The cottages are all crafted after the safari-adventure style.  There are 6 en-suite cottages and 2 family cottages offering additional room for children.  The en-suite and family cottages feature double beds with twin beds in the additional rooms.

The Honeymoon Suites are intentionally designed to foster the romantic mood featuring outside romantic baths and private decks for gazing out across the wilderness.

The Private House is the ultimate stay in luxury.  It features an en-suite master bedroom, additional dressing room, a second bedroom with twin beds, spacious living, dining, and sitting areas to maximize your comfort.

The private gard delivers a tranquil infinity pool for relaxing after a long day exploring Meru National Park.


Elsa's Kopje Meru by Elewana offers both traditional and international cuisine that will please the palettes of the most discerning travelers.  As a guest of the lodge, you can opt to dine in the comforts of the lodge or take advantage of the bush breakfast which includes a full-course breakfast while having intimate views of the landscape.


Elsa's Kopje Meru will not allow guests to be disappointed because they deliver with grace and excellence.  They have also accumulated the ameneties and activities that make this a rewarding stay for all.

Guests can look forward to the traditional game drives while also adventuring into the guided walking safaris for a more intimate encounter with nature.  The Rhino Sancturary is a special place to witness these magnificent creatures.

Guests can choose to relax in the pool, unwind with a massage, and reflect over the day's wildlife sightings over the traditional sun downer.  If you want more, you can look to engage a river fishing excursion or go discover the local culture.

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