Mercantour National Park

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Mercantour National Park, locally known as Parc national du Mercantour, is located in the southeast part of the country. It is found within the Aples-deHaute and Alpes Maritime provinces.

The national park covers an area of 264 square miles (685 sq km) and features seven valleys. The valleys are Bevera, Cians, Roya, TInee, Vesubie, Ubaye, and Verdon. Cime du Gelas is the third tallest summit in the Maritime Alps reaching a peak of 10,311 feet (3,143 m).

Mont Bego is a mountain with a summit of 9,423 feet (2,872 m), however, in addition to its atheistic beauty, there are approximately 37,000 petroglyphs dating back to the Bronze Age.

There are over 2, 000 species of flowering plants scattered throughout the national park. Hikers and trekkers will probably see one of the goat-antelopes known as a chamois with several thousand living within the boundaries of the protected area.

Other wildlife includes red deer, roe deer, rabbits, boards, wolves, buzzards, and the famous golden eagles. The golden eagle is a tremendous predator species who is known for capturing and flying off with sheep, antelope, and other similar size prey.

Mercantour Highlights:

Mercantour National Park is a tremendous place to hike, climb, and trek through nature experiencing the abundance of valleys, mountains, canyons, and various waterways. The wildlife adds to the spectacular landscapes.

The park is a hikers paradise with over 372 miles (600 km) guided trails. Verdon canyon is one of the more popular canyons in France.


Mercantour Highlights

  • 8 miles (600 km) of marked trails
  • Mont Bego and the petroglyphs
  • Verdon Canyon


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