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Repovesi National Park

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Repovesi National Park is located in the far southeastern side of Finland just a few hours northeast of Helsinki.  The park covers an area of 5.8 square miles (15 sq km) making it one of the smaller of the 40 national parks found in the country.

The park is renowned for the varied waterways and forests that blanket the terrain.  The waterways are ponds, lakes, and streams, while the forest is comprised of pine and birch.

Although the park is fairly small, it is packed with terrains that invite and welcome exploration.  The rolling hills are blanketed with beautiful thick forests creating serene settings for walking, boating, or hiking.

The forested and aquatic habitats sustain a variety of wildlife.  Some of the most common and hopeful sightings include the moose, bear, deer, and lynx.  There are a variety of birds to enjoy with a particularly diverse collection of ground-feeding species.


The park is a spectacular place to hike and explore the outdoors.  For those who enjoy forested trails accented with ponds and streams, this is the place.  Hiking is the highlight and most popular activity of the national park.

Many people find the observation towers that have been added in some areas as the highlight. These towers provide a bird’s eye view of the picturesque landscapes.  A chance to look out over the forests, ponds, and lake is what some describe as the best views in the park.


Olhavanvuori is a rock formation that rises nearly vertical out of the water.  It is capped on top with some of the birch and pine forests the park is well-known for.  From atop Olhavanvuori, visitors will have stunning views over Lake Olhavanlampi.

Olhavanvuori rises 164 feet (50 m) out of Lake Olhavanlampi.  The extensive forest that surrounds the lake becomes quite apparent when hikers reach the top of the mountain.

Kultareitti Water Taxi

The Kultareitti Water Taxi is also known as the Kultareitti Golden Route Cruise.  The pleasure trip travels from Vuohijarvi Lake to Repovesi.  Views of the trip include panoramic views of the forested shoreline, the picturesque landscape, the Lapinsalmi suspension bridge, the Lopponen cave, and the Mustalammenvuori observation tower.

This is a relaxing and scenic trip that provides an excellent atmosphere for viewing the striking landscapes and hear stories of the history of the area.

Lapinsalmi Suspension Bridge

One of the highlights of the park is the Lapinsalmi Suspension Bridge.  The bridge extends across a distance of 164 feet (50 meters) while reaching a height of 32.8 feet (10 m).  The bridge provides excellent panoramic views of the lake and area below.

Repovesi National Park Trails

The national park features over 31 miles (50 km) of trails, which may be accompanied by observation towers that enhance the views of the landscape with panoramic views overhead.

Park Protection

Repovesi National Park was created to protect this pristine habitat and ecosystem that supports the wildlife in the area as well as the astounding picturesque landscapes for future generations to enjoy.

This is one of the favorite wilderness areas within the country.  It is imperative to invest in the protection of this remarkable landscape.

Repovesi Highlights

  • Olhavanvuori
  • Observation Towers
  • Kultareitti water taxi route
  • Lapinsalmi Suspension bridge

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