Nuuksio National Park

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Nuuksio National Park is located in southern Finland just west of Helsinki making it easily accessible by locals and visitors to the country’s capital.  The national park encompasses an area of 17.37 square miles (44.98 sq km).

Although it is less than 20 miles (30 km) away from the city, Nuuksio is the second closest national park to Helsinki with Sipoonkorpi National Park earning the title as the closest national park to the capitol.

Within the park, visitors will experience a commune with nature that is easily accessible for the common traveler.  The park features forested and wetland ecosystems and paths that explore through these and alongside Haukkalampi pond and Lake Siikajarvi.

The park covers a portion of the larger Nuuksio lake highlands which is a wilderness area that is home to a number of endangered or threatened wildlife species.  The Siberian flying squirrel, European nightjar, and the woodlark are some of the more common species. 

Nuuksio Highlights

The fact that Nuuksio is so close to the capital of Finland makes it easily accessible for those just passing through Helsinki, making a cruise stop, or staying for a visit.  Within minutes, travelers can be experiencing the picturesque landscape found within the country.

Lakes, forests, gorges, wetlands, and rugged crags blanket the landscape providing an extraordinary setting for bird-watching.

Trails of Nuuksio National Park

Hiking: There are eight trails that explore Nuuksio National Park ranging from short 0.9-mile (1.5 km) to longer 10.5 miles (17 km) treks.

Biking: The park provides access to over 18 miles (30 km) of biking trails.

Horseback:  Nuuksio gives visitors who enjoy horseback riding another (22 km) of horseback trails.

Cliff Top Hike:  This is a short 10-minute hike to an overlook that provides hikers with a chance to look out over the park.

Nuuksio Highlights

  • Easy access
  • Lake Siikajarvi


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