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Bouma National Heritage Park

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Bouma National Park is located on Taveuni Island, which is the third-largest island in Fiji.  Fiji is located in the South Pacific Ocean northeast from Australia towards Hawaii.  The national park area covers an area of 168 square miles (435 sq km).

There is a mountain ridge that runs through the heart of the island with the highest summit occurring at Uluinggalau with a height of 4,072 feet (1,241 m).  There are several endemic flora species that are only found in Fiji and because of the abundant plant life on the island, it is affectionately known as the garden island of Fiji.

Fiji is known for islands, beaches and blue waters.  However, Taveuni Island is complemented with rainforest and tropical vegetation.

Bouma National Park accounts for approximately 80% of Taveuni Island.  The three Tavoro Waterfalls can be explored with short hikes with the tallest only requiring a 10-minute hike.  It reaches a height of 78 feet (24 m).  Another 30 or 4o minute hike is needed to experience the next waterfall. 

There are four villages known with the park known as Waitabu, Vidawa, Korovou, and Lavena.  Lavena is located knew the Tavoro Waterfall and part of the hike.


Exploring the island is all part of the Bouma National Park experience.  Tavoro Waterfall and the trail the rainforest is probably the highlight of the park.  The more adventurous might explore Uluinggalau and see what the highest point offers as views of the island.

Tavoro Waterfalls

The Tavoro Waterfalls are the pinnacle attractions of the park.  The first waterfall has a plunge of 78 feet (24 m). The third waterfall is the smallest at only 32.8 feet (10 m).  The first waterfall is the easiest to get to and it only takes about 10 minutes.

The second and third waterfalls are further into the forest and require more effort.  Although the first one is the tallest and most impressive, it would be hard not to go ahead and visit the other two since this is the featured attraction of the park.

Bouma National Heritage Park Accommodations

Coconut Grove Beachfront Cottages

The Coconut Grove Beachfront Cottages are the closest resort to Bouma National Heritage Park and one of the most intimate accommodations for exploring Bouma Falls.

Taveuni Palms Resort

Taveuni Palms Resort is a 5-star pair of tandem villas providing first-class accommodations for those who want to explore the Bouma Falls and national park.

Bouma National Heritage Park Trails

Most people don't think about hiking when they head to Fiji, but to their pleasant surprise they discover there is good reason for embarking on a hiking adventure.

Park Protection

Bouma National Park was established to protect the highest summit amongst the islands and the rainforest landscapes around it.  It also protects the enchanting rainforest that is home to waterfalls and tranquility.  Fiji wanted to make certain that their citizens had this escape available for future generations.

Bouma National Heritage Park Highlights

  • Tavoro Waterfall
  • Uluinggalau

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