Rewilding Europe

Rewilding Europe is a nonprofit celebrating 10 years of investing in conservation efforts across Europe.  The RE is actively exploring significant landscapes and habitats across Europe with a focused vision of creating more protected wild areas for both nature to thrive and the global community to enjoy and appreciate.

The efforts and strategies are intentional.  The areas are not just pretty landscapes, but more strategically also represent the habit and ecosystems that enable both floral and fauna to thrive.  The natural world is shrinking with human encroachment across the globe.  It is imperative that efforts be made to create more "wilds" across the continent.

Whether it is hte Coa Valley in Portugal, the Velebit Mountains in Croatia, the Danube Delta across multiple countries, or many other strategic locations, the RE is committed to creating awareness, delivering education, and advocating for more "wilds" of Europe.

The Global Alliance of National Parks is proud to partner with Rewilding Europe standing in alliance with a vision for more protected natural habitats.  Please visit Rewilding Europe to learn more and see why the GANP supports their efforts.