Red Rock Initiative

Red Rocks Initiative (RRI) is a nonprofit program delivering sustainable social and economic development of the local people surrounding the Virunga Mountains by leveraging community-based environmental conservation and sustainable tourism programs.

RRI enhances the local community by creating environmental conservation, art & culture experiences, education, and community health initiatives.  Researchers, volunteers, artists, and other skilled professionals serve as the backbone of our initiatives serving as partners who engage the communities with their magnificent ideas and programs.  

We know that the more the community is engaged in the programs, education, and conservation efforts surrounding our environment, the more likely they will be invested in protecting it for future generations.

We believe that locally-led ecotourism should benefit the Virunga Mountain communities while conserving the region’s delicate environment. The success of the community and the environment are inextricably linked, and should therefore be promoted together.

Our Values

Dignity & Respect: We uphold and preserve the dignity, respect, and rights of our initiative beneficiaries, particularly women and girls.

Professionalism & Integrity: Our work is carried out with professionalism and integrity by all of our members, volunteers, staff, and leadership team.

Transparency & Accountability: We are committed to transparency and accountability in our engagements with local communities, partners, and donors.

Self-actualization & Self-reliance: We promote self-actualization and self-reliance among our members and encourage every youth and woman to believe in themselves and reach their full potential.

Partnership & Collaboration: We believe that working together leads to positive outcomes and progress for individuals, families, and entire communities.

Honor & Excellence: We promote a culture of honor and excellence among our own staff and with the people and communities we serve.

We have multiple initiatives that reflect our commitment to both the community and the environment.  You are invited to learn more about our different initiatives at Red Rocks Initiative.