Life Terra

Life Terra is a nonprofit organization based in Amsterdam and Barcelona, co-financed by the European Commission through the LIFE program. Its commitment is to restore the relationship with nature and contribute to mitigating climate change through community-based tree-planting initiatives.

Life Terra leverages a team of individuals who are passionate about taking steps now to protect and invest in the climate and environment.  As a foundation, the offices in Amsterdam and Barcelona partner with groups throughout Europe to accomplish the mission.  The team is actively searching for others who have a similar passion to join the team.

The mission stands are these 7 core principles as they seek to elevate awareness, education, and action:

  1. Transparency – creating the tools to make planting initiatives measurable and visible. In the works are a new precision tree geotagging tool and an online dashboard for tree monitoring.

  2. Biodiversity – all Life Terra plantings will be multispecies, involving an average of 8 different kinds of trees to ensure mixed forest stands and rich, biodiverse ecosystems. Together with the landowner, we choose species that are right for the area.

  3. The right tree in the right place – working from an “ecosystem-based approach” meaning that all the conditions of the terrain and its surrounding area to ensure that the lands we are restoring actually need trees.

  4. Trees are not enough – trees alone cannot halt the climate crisis. We believe our governments, companies, and individual households all need to take action, prioritizing sustainable agriculture, the circular economy, green energy, and biodiversity.

  5. Knowledge is power –  educating the next generation so that they can be equipped with the knowledge and tools they need, to make decisions as future leaders, tree caretakers, and stewards of this earth and ensure a brighter environmental future for generation to generation.

  6. Sustainability – We only work with landowners that are committed to maintaining their new trees over the long term to take full advantage of their carbon capture potential.

  7. Green procurement – When choosing our own suppliers we look for organizations that have social and environmental goals in addition to their financial ones.

Their aggressive goal is to plant 500 million trees by 2025.  The Global Alliance of National Parks encourages you to visit Life Terra and make a difference.