International Elephant Foundation

The International Elephant Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to protecting the world's elephant population.  The IEF is working to protect both the African and Asian elephants across both continents.  

The work of the IEF is essential.  There are approximately 450 endangered Asian elephants killed every year.  Poaching is still a problem, however, habitat loss has risen to a critical concern.  The IEF is actively working to help protect this and other challenges facing the world's gentle giants.

The International Elephant Foundation is leads field and research projects, participates in conservation and research symposiums, while also creating educational awareness campaigns on the world's activities that threaten the survival of elephants as well as other species of wildlife.

The Global Alliance of National Parks is proud to partner with the IEF to help advance their work and create a world where elephants thrive.  We invite you to visit the International Elephant Foundation to learn more.