Friends of Acadia

Friends of Acadia is a nonprofit organization committed to protecting the environment and surrounding landscape of Acadia National Park.  FOA is dedicated to the mission of protecting and promoting the sustainable stewardship of the remarkable landscapes, ecological vitality, and unique cultural resources of the park and neighboring communities.

FOA is focused on protecting the official and surrounding landscapes and historical significance of Acadia for the inspiration and enjoyment of current and future generations.  Staff and volunteer members work with representatives of the national park to accomplish the conservation and park projects that would not be possible without public support.
Friends of Acadia’s leverages public support, community volunteers, strategic leadership, and strong partnerships to benefit the most critical needs of Acadia National Park.
The Global Alliance of National Park is proud to partner with Friends of Acadia to advance the protection and conservation of Acadia.   Please visit Friends of Acadia to learn more.