Giant Panda National Park

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Giant Panda National Park is located in Central China stretching across Sichuan, Ningxia, and Shaanxi provinces.  The national park is in development and will encompass 67 existing panda reserves.

The giant panda is an iconic symbol of China and one of the most adorable creatures across the globe.  This national park features a population of 1,864 giant pandas.  The national park accounts for 80% of the Chinese giant panda population.

Connecting the 67 existing reserves and establishing protected areas between them allows the pandas to navigate between the different regions and hopefully crossbreed and strengthen the panda population.

Giant Panda Highlights

Giant pandas are often one of the highlights of zoos that are fortunate enough to display these beautiful creatures.  They are probably the most popular wildlife species within and of China’s animal diversity.

Accordingly, the giant panda is the highlight of the park as well.  The mountainous and forested landscapes are only enhancements to the giant panda and wilderness experience.

Trails of Giant Panda National Park

The trails of the national park are not known at this time.  If hiking opportunities are part of the national park, we will update you here on the more popular trail options.

Giant Panda Highlights

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