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The Great Wall National Park is located in the northeastern region of China about 43 miles (70 km) northeast of Beijing.  The national park is in development with the initial protected area covering around 23.2 square miles (60 sq km). 

Furthermore, the boundaries of the park will follow the Great Wall providing a little over half a mile protection (2 km) on either side of the wall.  The Badaling area of the great wall serves as the foundation and most popular part of the national park.  It is the most visited part of the wall.

The Great Wall of China extends 5,500 miles (8,850 km) from the Chinese Korean border into the Gobi Desert.  Part of the wall, around 1,387 feet (2,232 km), leverages steep hills, and similar natural barriers, whereas another 223 miles (359 km) are accounted for by trenches.

The more impressive physically constructed wall travels a distance of 3,889 miles (6,259 km).  Only 2.3 miles (3.74 km) and 19 watchtowers have been restored and open to visitors in the Badaling area.  There is a cable car providing an opportunity for seniors and the more physically challenged to experience this marvel of mankind.

The Great Wall of China in the Badaling area reaches an average height of 26 feet (7.8 m) and a width of about 20 feet (6 m).  The width across the top of the wall would allow up to five horses or 10 soldiers marching side by side.

The watchtowers of the Great Wall served multiple purposes including observation, housing soldiers, communication, and protected places to shoot arrows.

The Badaling area, where the national park base is, represents the most commonly visited part of the Great Wall of China. This is the place where presidents and other dignitaries are taken to display this marvel of mankind.


The Great Wall of China is without question the pinnacle attraction and highlight of the national park.  It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and draws visitors from around the world.  The good news is that public transportation is available making it easy to access the Great Wall while visiting Beijing.

There are handrails that help traditional travelers ascend the steep stairs.  The cable car makes it possible for those who cannot navigate the stairs for whatever reason.

Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is an interaction between manmade walls, steep hills, and other facets of nature that serve as barriers. Together, these facets stretch a total distance of 5,500 miles (8,850 km). The manmade wall is a marvelous achievement that spans 3,889 miles (6,259 km). The majority of the wall is not accessible to visitors.

The part of the wall that is accessible here in the national park only allows a couple of miles (3.74 km) and several watchtowers.  The impressive wall is 20 feet ( 6 m) and has a typical height of about 26 feet (7.8 m).  It has been the inspiration of many movies, books, poems, and other cultural celebrations.  It is one of the greatest achievements in the history of manking.  Accordingly, it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Things To Do:

There is a small tourist area inside the gate of the national park as well as some historical education opportunities as well.  Experiencing the Great Wall is the primary activity of the national park.

Walking the Great Wall

Visitors can make their way atop the Great Wall and see the expanse, however, to truly grasp the significance of this magnificent reflection of mankinds ingenuity, you need to walk the available part of the wall to the public.

Beijing Great Wall National Park Trails

The initial walking starts as you make your way through the tourist center and vendors as you approach the wall.  Once you reach the wall, the majority of walking will depend on how much of the Great Wall of China you actually want to walk.

Park Protection

The Beijing Great Wall National Park was created to protect one of the most pristine remaining parts of the Great Wall of China.  This architectural achievement is worthy of world wonder status and UNESCO World Heritage status.  The government is invested to make sure that this cultural and historical significance is protected for future generations.

Beijing Great Wall Highlights

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