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Forillon National Park

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Forillon National Park is located on the northeast side of Canada as part of the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec.  The park covers an area of 94 square miles (244 sq km).

The Gaspe Peninsula is a long finger-like peninsula in norther Quebec that follows along the southern shoreline of the St. Lawrence River.

The park habitats vary, however, their ecosystems include forests, salt marshes, sand dunes, steep cliffs, and astounding ocean coastlines. The varied habitats provide shelter and sustainability for a variety of wildlife.  Wildlife is one of the key facets of the national park.

The coastal species including a variety of sea birds along with seals who will be found on the shoreline.  A variety of whales can be found in the waters off the coast.

The forests, marshes, and dune vegetation give way to a variety of mammalian species.  Some of the more popular species include beaver, black bear, coyote, ermine, fox, lynx, mink, moose, porcupine, and woodchuck.

There are several predator bird species that are highlighted for many of the birdwatchers.  Some of these include bald eagle, great horned owl, peregrine falcon, rough-legged hawk, and osprey.

The park also provides cultural and historical significance with the inclusion of the Fort Peninsula, which was a fortification built by the Royal Canadian Navy during World War II. Aspects of the structure can be viewed and explored.


The dramatic coastline, dense forests, and varied terrain are part of the wilderness highlight of the park.  Many people turn to wildlife as their source of inspiration from the park.

Cap Gaspe

Cap Gaspe is a striking headland coastline located on the eastern finger of the Gaspe Peninsula.  It provides stunning panoramic views of the waterways as well as Cap Bon-Ami.

Cap Bon-Ami

Cap Bon-Ami is almost more captivating than Cap Gaspe.  The view of Cap Bon-Ami from Cap Gaspe is magnificent.  The cliffs of Bon-Ami are near vertical and present dramatic coastline landscapes.  You can hike out to the top of it looking back at Cap Gaspe or switch the hikes and view from afar.

Forillon National Park Trails

Forillon has a variety of hikes ranging from shorter to longer and from easy to moderate. These are great ways to experience nature and capture the captivating views of the remarkable coastlines.

Forillon Highlights

  • Cap Gaspe
  • Cap Bon-Ami
  • Wildlife
  • Varying waterfalls

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