Waza National Park

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Waza National Park is located in the northern finger extension of Cameroon.  The national park encompasses an area of 660 square miles (1,700 sq km).  The narrowness of this part of Cameroon means the national park is only about 6.2 miles (10 km) away from the borders of Nigeria and Chad on each side.

The floodplain that is home to the national park floods seasonally.  Although the primary park is fairly flat, the elevation does change from 980 feet (300 m) to 1,600 feet (500 m).  The Chad depression was originally a lake, but now features 7% shrubland, 5% grassland with the majority accounted for by terrestrial landscape.

There are five categories of vegetation throughout the remainder of the park which includes shrub savanna, open grass savanna, acacia tree savanna, perennial grasses, and floodplains.

The wildlife of Waza features the favorite predators of lions, leopards, cheetahs, and hyena.  Matter of fact there are good prides of lions.  Other wildlife species include giraffes, waterbuck, roan, elephant, hartebeests, tsessebe, aardvarks, baboons, warthog, vervet monkeys, and hippopotamuses.  There are 30 species of mammals.

Birdwatchers can keep their eyes open for hornbills, kestrel, heron, Arabian bustards, Nubian bustard, spotted eagle fish stork, and ostrich are part of the 350 species of birds.

Waza Highlights

A guide is required to experience the park.  The wildlife is the highlight of the park with strong herds of elephant and healthy lion prides serving as the pinnacle sightings.

Trails of Waza National Park

This is a wildlife enriched national park that requires guided safari tours.  There are no trails for hiking through the park.  The only way to experience the park is with a professional guide.

Waza Highlights

  • Lions, leopard and other predators
  • Elephants and giraffe


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