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Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park

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Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park is located in the lower southeast of central Brazil. The national park encompasses an area of 928.91 square miles (2,405.86 sq km). 

The elevation varies from 1,968.5 to 5,547.9 feet (600 to 1,691 m) and represents the highest plain in the country's central area.  Serra da Santana at 5,547.9 feet (1,691 m) accounts for the highest point.

The Rio Preto River traverses across the park serving as the main waterway and accounts for some spectacular waterfalls.  There are numerous waterfalls with plunges over 262 feet (80 m).  The waterfalls are renowned for cascading across the rocky terrain and through the striking canyons.

Along with the waterfalls, the incredibly scenic canyons reach heights of 130 feet (40 m) and travel through valleys covering 3,200 feet (300 sq m) deep.

The ecosystem of the park sustains an abundance of wildlife.  Some of the popular and threatened species include the anteater, capybara, giant armadillo, jaguar, maned wolf, marsh deer, pampas deer, and tapir.  Some of the popular bird species include the toucan, the black vulture, and the king vulture.


The terrain is rich in rock crystals which are popular in both Asia and Europe.  However, waterfalls are the most popular highlights of the park. 

Mirante de Janela

The Mirante de Janela landscape is one of the most stunning views of rolling rugged mountains and plunging waterfalls.  The name means "window lookout" and those that tackle the challenging trek will easily declare that it was worth the endeavor.  Rio Preto Falls is the focal point of the picturesque landscape that is nestled amongst green-covered rock formations.

Vale da Lua

Vale da Lua, also known as Moon Valley, is one of the more unique rugged landscapes found within the park.  You can embark on your own, however, it is common for people to enlist a guide to help ensure they reach and experience this amazing terrain.

The rugged lunar-like landscape features a number of potholes and passageways that traverse across the terrain.

Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park Trails

There are several hiking opportunities provided throughout the park with many featuring waterfalls and vista views that are breathtaking.

Park Protection

The Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park was created to protect the ecosystem that is home to an abundance of wildlife as well as an abundance of waterfalls.  There are threatened species that call the park home such as the pampas deer, maned wolf, and the marsh deer that the park protects.

The park was established as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it represents one of the world's oldest and most diverse tropical ecosystems.

From photographs taken by NASA in the early 1960s, the national park region was seen as glowing and declared to be the most luminous natural place on the planet.

Chapada dos Veadeiros Highlights

  • An abundance of waterfalls
  • Incredible vistas
  • Mirante de Janela

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