Abaco National Park

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Abaco National Park is located in South Abaco one of the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas southeast of Florida.  The national park encompasses an area of 32.05 square miles (83 sq km).

The island, of course, offers the Caribbean blue waters that surround the island and what many people think of when they imagine the Bahamas.  The primary purpose for the national park is the pristine Caribbean pine forest that covers 7.72 square miles (20 sq km) of the island.

The majority of wildlife living with the national park boundaries are bird species.  The Bahama parrot, Bahama Swallow, Bahama yellowthroat, and Bahama mockingbird are some of the endemic species.  Other species include olive-capped warbler, West Indian Woodpecker, loggerhead kingbird, and the white-crowned pigeon.

The Abaco or Bahama parrot is endangered and the primary reason for the establishment of the protected area with national park status.

Abaco Highlights

The national park was created to protect the pristine Caribbean pine forest as well as the endangered Abaco parrot. The highlight of the national park is the birdwatching.

Trails of Abaco National Park

Abaco is not known for hiking.  There is a 15-mile dirt trail that can only be taken by 4x4 vehicles.  The path ends at an old lighthouse affectionately called, the “Hole-in-the-Wall” lighthouse.

Abaco Highlights

  • Caribbean pine forest
  • Abaco parrot sighting
  • Birdwatching



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