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Gesause National Park

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Gesause National Park is located east of the central point in Austria.  The extended park boundaries cover an area of 48.26 square miles (125 sq km).

The Ennstal Alps, Gesause Valley, and Enns River are at the heart of the national park.  The limestone mountains rival some of the granite landscapes of Yosemite National Park.  The panoramic views are enhanced by the thick forests and flowered pastures.

The landscapes of Gesause National Park are what the park is renowned for.  The terrain is awe-inspiring and captivating to say the least.  The Enns River traverses through the mountains enhancing the landscapes with white-water rapids and a 9.94-mile (16 km) gorge.

Those interested in history and culture will enjoy the high culture of Admont Abbey.  This taste of life only enhances the enchanting exploring of the region.

Alpine experiences are king here with hiking and mountaineering serving as popular ways to engage the park.  White-water rafting follows right behind that as the rapids coming out of the Ennstal Alps into the Gesause Valley are highly engaging.

Rafting is one of the best ways to see the terrain from a different perspective while also providing moments of exhilaration as you pound through the thundering rapids of the Enns and Salza rivers.


The park provides some of the most remarkable mountainous and valley landscapes in the country.  The massive mountains are the highlights for many visitors who often stand in awe.

Ennstal Alps

The Ennstal Alps is a mountain range situated in Austria.  They expand beyond the park borders between the states of Syria and Upper Austria. 

The most renowned parts of the Ennstal Alps are located in the national park and the highlight for most people.  The Hochtor mountain at (2,369 m) is the tallest amongst the mountains in Gesause. 

Gesause Valley

The Gesause Valley is a region of the Ennstal Alps where the Enns River has carved through the massive limestone mountains creating a gorge and valley that are nestled amongst the massive giants of the Alps.

Along with Hochtor, Buchstein, Lugauer, and Reichenstein mountains the Enns River and Gesause Valley.  They collectively make the backdrop of the Gesause Valley picturesque.

Gesause National Park Trails

Hiking and mountaineering are the most popular activities of the national park.  The area is actually considered one of the hiking and mountaineering coveted destinations.

Park Protection

Gesause National Park was created to protect the pristine wilderness, breathtaking landscapes, and astounding panoramic scenery.  The park also protects the last remaining unregulated portions of the remarkable alpine Enns River.

The park also protects the heritage of the historical Admont Abbey culture that interfaces with the new spices of modern-day life in Austria.

Gesause Highlights

  • Ennstal Alps
  • Gesause Valley

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