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Tasman National Park

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Tasman National Park is located on the island state of Tasmania in southern Australia.  It is fairly due east of Hobart.  The national park area covers an area of 41.5 square miles (107.5 sq km).  It is found on parts of the Forestier and Tasman peninsulas while including all of the Tasman Island.

Tasman Island sits at 980 feet (300 m) above sea level making it one of the highest in the world.  There are several geographical rock formations located across the bay and island coastline.  These rock formations include Blowhole, Candlestick, Cathedral Rock, Devil’s Kitchen, Tasmans Arch, Totem Pole, and Waterfall Bay.

Each of these rock formations adds to the intrigue and natural beauty of the park.  Photographers are often found trying to capture new perspectives of these bewildering facets of nature.

In addition to these rock formations, the national park is also home to three small islands known as The Lanterns. The whole coastline around the park features sheer jagged rocky coastlines that tower above the ocean floor. These sea cliffs are remarkable and picturesque.

These staggering sea cliffs are one of the focal characteristics of the Tasman Peninsula.  These near-vertical cliffs can reach heights of 984 feet (300 m).  These coastline landscapes are further enhanced with wildlife including fur seals, little penguins, the swift parrot, and the forty-spotted pardalote.


The rugged coastlines along the bay and island accompanied by the unique rock formations are the highlights of the park.  Wildlife lovers might value the seals and penguins that further decorate the rocky coastline.

The panoramic view out from and looking back toward these astounding coastlines are the highlight.  They can easily be experienced from short hikes that will deliver you to the edge where you can look out over the pounding ocean as it thunders across deep chasms, neighboring islands, or rolls upon the pristine sandy beaches.  You may even witness a waterfall plunging over one of these cliffs to be welcomed into the ocean waters below.

Tasman National Park Trails

Tasmania is more than the Tasmania Devil and there is much to explore.

Tasman Highlights

  • Tasman Island coastlines
  • Blowhole, Devil’s Kitchen and rock formations
  • Hiking

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