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Flinders Chase National Park

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Flinders Chase National Park is located on the northwestern portion of Kangaroo Island within the state of South Australia found along the southern coast of Australia.  The national park encompasses an area of 126.1 square miles (489.69 sq km).

As the second national park for the state, Flinders Chase is best known for some unique geological features and a handful of endangered species that call the area home.  The island park can be divided into three regions.  Cape du Couedic is located in the southern corner of the island offering beach and shoreline landscapes.

The Gosse Lands is a section of the park found toward the center of the western side providing a larger protected area.  The third section is the Cape Borda Lighthouse found in the northwestern corner of the island.  Cape du Couedic is the largest and most significant portion of the park.

The Cape du Couedic and Remarkable Rocks are stunning granite rock outcroppings that leave visitors puzzled with how in the world did this happen.  The rock formations feature amazing balanced rocks that create sculptured like creations.  Mother nature leaves travelers baffled with this unique rock formation display.

Flinders Chase is also a special breeding area for the Australian fur seal. The sandy beaches and rocky shores make them right at home.  The beaches and rocky shores have low wooded forested hills as backdrops.


The rock formations known as Remarkable Rocks and Cape du Couedic are the highlights of Flinders Chase National Park.  The Geological Society of Australia has declared these as geological monuments.

Remarkable Rocks

The Remarkable Rocks are the pinnacle attraction of the park.  These unique boulders and rock formations almost look like there were placed there by some unknown force.

The collection of boulders and rocks almost appears as if it is scattered prehistoric bones of some kind.  They create many different photographic landscapes.

Flinders Chase National Park Trails

There are around 20 different hiking trails that visitors can leverage to explore the national park.  These hikes range from short 10-minute strolls to treks that take most of the day.  Here is a look at some of the more popular hikes:

Park Protection

Flinders Chase National Park was created to celebrate the unique rock formations while also protecting the habitat of a number of endangered species.  It was important to establish the protected area so that it would be enjoyed by future generations.

Flinders Chase Highlights

  • Remarkable Rocks
  • Cape du Couedic

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