Coffin Bay National Park

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Coffin Bay National Park is on a peninsula located on the larger Fyre Peninsula in South Australia.  The national park encompasses an area of 119.6 square miles (309.76 sq km).

The Coffin Bay Peninsula accounts for the majority of the national park boundaries.  The park features limestone cliffs, white sandy beaches, coral reefs, islands in the bay, sand dunes, and even some swampland.  The park provides picturesque coastal landscapes that might be expected as well as rugged scenes that invite exploration.

Point Avoid gives access to both surfing and a coral reef.  Yangie Bay provides opportunities for camping, but when you venture further north you will need RTVs.  There is a fish sanctuary located in Yangie Bay helping to nurture and protect fish species to populate the area.  Fishing is not allowed but you can explore these waters by kayak.

Seagulls, pelicans, ospreys, albatrosses, and the white-bellied sea eagle are some of the bird species that birdwatchers can hope to see.  There are groups working to bring back some of the endemic species for another chance to be protected and thrive in the park.

Wildlife includes some typical Australian species such as the kangaroos, joeys, emus, and goannas.  There are many different reef species of fish for those that venture into the water.

Coffin Bay Highlights

The national park is a great place to walk and take in the sights of the stunning and rugged coastal landscapes.  Getting in and exploring the lagoon and coral reefs in the area is a highlight most people enjoy.

Templetonia Lookout

Templetonia Lookout occurs early into your drive into the park.  It is a wooden platform that provides a panoramic view of the terrain and scenic landscapes.  You can explore views in all directions.

In addition to Templetonia Lookout, there are several vistas that provide scenic lookouts along the astounding rugged coastline.

Trails of Coffin Bay National Park

The majority of trails are coastal trails focused on the views of Yangie Bay and the accompanying picturesque coastlines.

Yangie Bay Trail 1: A short (2 km) loop trail that gives quick views of Yangie Bay.  There is also a possibility of seeing a kangaroo.

Yangie Bay Trail 2: A longer (5 km) more adventurous loop trail with spectacular views of Yangie Bay.  There are numerous views of the bay as well as opportunities to see kangaroo, emus and other wildlife.  This is a little more strenuous of a hike as it meanders through untouched coastal vegetation.

Yangie Bay Trail 3: A longer (10 km) one way that follows Long Beach.  This also gives you views of the bay and opportunities to see a kangaroo and other wildlife.  Here you will travel through grass, samphire flats, sand dunes, and ledges comprised of limestone.  Yangie Island is a highlight along with the white sandy beach when you reach Long Beach.

Golden Island Lookout: This is a short trail that takes you out to a pier that overlooks the southern edge of Coffin Bay.  Here you might see dolphins and sharks.

Coffin Bay Highlights

  • Stunning coastal landscapes
  • Snorkeling the lagoon and reefs
  • Templetonia Lookout


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