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Lanin National Park

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Lanin National Park is located in Argentina along the border of Chile.  It is situated in central part south of Laguna Blance and north of Los Arrayanes National Parks . The national park encompasses an area of 1,591 square miles (4,120,67 sq km) making it the third largest national park in Argentina.

The focal point of the park is the stunning Lanin Volcano and the surrounding Andean mountains.  Among the mountainous region are over 20 lakes accompanied by several rivers, and streams.  Huechulafquen Lake is a glacial lake with views of the renowned Lanin Volcano.

Vegetation includes some rare trees that include the Monkey-puzzle tree, Rauli, and the Roble beech.  This is primarily a combination Andean-Patagonia forest.  The pehuen and the pellin oak are some of the other common trees.  The pristine forests combined with the mountain backgrounds and abundant glacial lakes to create incredible breathtaking landscapes.

The wildlife of Lanin is consistent with the animals found in neighboring Nahuel Huapi National Park.  It is haven for birdwatchers with both migratory and endemic species found within the borders of the protected area.


The lakes and waterbased activiites like fishing are some of the highlights.  Other highlights include the mountainous terrain and the snow-covered Lanin Volcano.

Lanin Volcano

Lanin is a nearly symmetrical cone-shaped stratovolcano that features annual snow coverage.   The volcano sits on the border of Argentina and Chile and serves as the focal point of Villarrica National Park in Chile.

Climbing the mountain is one of the highlights.  Lanin is easier than many other neighboring volcano mountains, however, it does come with increased exposure.  Visitors can contact the Argentine National Parks management team for permits and access.

Lanin Volcano reaches a summit of 12,388 feet (3,776 m) making it the tallest peak in the area.  Basalt is the most prevalent rock across the mountain.  There are two trekking paths with one occuring on the southern side and the other located on the northern side.

Huechulafquen Lake

Huechulafquen Lake is a glacial lake nestled in the Andean mountains with views of Lanin.  The lake stretches over a distance of 19 miles (30 km) with only a width of 3.1 miles (5 km).  The name is drawn from its unique length to width.  The surface of the lake covers an area of 30.2 square miles (78.2 sq km).

There are many trails around and near lake Huechulafquen for those who want to hike.  There are also water activities such as canoeing and fishing that can be leveraged as well.

Things To Do:

Horseback riding, fishing, canoeing, and hiking are common activities for visitors of the park.  There are over 20 glacial lakes, several rivers and streams, and abundant summits creating many different opportunties for exploration.  Difficulty levels vary from easy to more challenging leaving something for everyone.

Lanin National Park Trails

Hiking is one of the most common activities associated with the park.  Climbing Lanin is relatively easy and can be accomplished in two days.  Trail difficulty ranges from the short and easy to the full-day treks up to mountian summits.  Many different hiking environments and experiences are available as well.

Park Protection

Lanin National Park was created to protect a significant collection of Andean-Patagonian trees.  Some of the more rare parts of the forest include the Roble beech, the Rauli, and the Monkey-puzzle trees.

Lanin Highlights

  • Lanin Volcano
  • Lakes: Huechualfquen, Alumine, and Lacar

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